STD Testing

Testing is offered every day that a nurse is available from 8:00am-3:30pm. Testing is also available by appointment on particular Thursdays with a Family Nurse Practitioner.


Free & Confidential Testing

Free and confidential (not anonymous) testing recommended for anyone who:

  • Has had oral, anal, or vaginal sex and did not use latex condoms
  • Shares needles to inject drugs or has sex with someone that does
  • Feels they may have been exposed to someone that has a STD
  • Has more than one sexual partner in their lifetime

Guidelines & Criteria

For Hepatitis B & C testing you must meet certain criteria.  To find the criteria, please click on the links below:

Diagnosis of Herpes and Condyloma (genital warts) is made by a visual inspection by appointment ONLY.

Proudly Serving Our Community

Our mission is to empower and guide our county residents to become more preventative-oriented and to enhance their environmental and physical health through education. 


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